Mayia Alleaume was born with organic attitude! Living with her family the heart of the Pays-Basque, she became interested from a young age in the healing qualities of those plants and flowers she saw growing wild in the countryside.

After an education in the fine arts, the artistically talented Mayia pursued a career in the fashion industry. The brilliant make-up artist Topolino became her mentor and taught her all she needed to know about make-up for fashion shoots and other studio work.

She quickly realised that she loved the world of cosmetics and beauty products.

For twelve years, Mayia had the privilege of working with many of the world's most talented fashion photographers and models. From backstage at fashion shows and fashion shoots, she be told by countless models which cosmetics or beauty products they preferred - and why.

Using her knowledge of aromatherapy and organic ingredients, she began to offer advice to these beautiful men and women about how to repair, protect and rejuvenate their skin using natural plant extracts.

With so much practical experience of working with people of all ages and with different skin types, Mayia decided to create her own brand of cosmetics and beauty products which use only the most natural, organic ingredients. The SENTARA brand was born and named after the Basque word "Sen", which means instinctive and a good idea.

Mayia is keen to acknowledge the help and support offered to her family, most notably her sister Kattina. She is also eternally grateful to the men and women she worked with throughout her career as a make-up artist and who ultimately inspired the concept of SENTARA.

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