The SENTARA brand is one of a new generation of beauty products. Conceived and created using nature's best organic ingredients, Sentara creams, serums and balms use the latest phyto-cosmetology to produce skin care and beauty products of the highest quality.

SENTARA... Effectiveness Guaranteed

The SENTARA brand is based on the pure extracts of naturally produced ingredients. These rich organic concentrates are then blended together using the very latest high-performance technology. Sentara products are all dermatologist tested and their effectiveness has been scientifically verified.

SENTARA... Naturally Organic

The SENTARA brand respects the environment, as certified by Ecocert. Created from organically produced ingredients, the beauty products conform to a strict code of environmental ethics. In addition, each stage of production is thoroughly inspected and controlled to ensure that the production process is non-polluting.

SENTARA... Luxuriously Sensual

The SENTARA brand meticulously combines stylish design with environmentally friendly principles. The products' packaging is 100% recyclable; the artwork and labels have been printed on recycled paper using a vegetable-based ink.

SENTARA... Elegantly Stylish

SENTARA was founded by Mayia Alleaume, who has had a highly successful career in the fashion industry. Using both her experience and expertise, Mayia Alleaume has created a range of sensual, organic beauty products which are easy to use and which feel more luxurious than classic products.